Are you furnishing a patient room, nurses’ room or treatment room? We will help you ensure that your new interior is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. As part of our comprehensive turnkey delivery, we will provide medical equipment or beds, as well as seating furniture and other furnishings.

We also work with leading architects and designers, who will design a unique and attractive interior, while ensuring complete compliance with all professional needs and requirements of the space. The standardised products we work with, allow us to deliver everything in a very short space of time. But they are designed so that you don’t have to compromise on your individual requirements.

We also offer services to doctors with private outpatient surgeries, who generally don’t have the time for details such as the selection of furniture or paint colour, and prefer to entrust everything to the professionals. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can guarantee that our customers will start practising medicine in their new premises within 3 weeks of their order.

Are you interested in more information? Contact our sales department on +420 312 576 400, +420 312 576 500, or at [email protected] .